Extended School Services

Please find below a brief description of the childcare provisions we offer, however, you can find a more detailed explanation within the registration form. If you are interested in using our wrap around childcare provisions, please follow these links to our registration and booking forms.


Registration form (one per child): : https://forms.gle/bJ185VffsTAhDajW9



Booking from for April-July  https://forms.gle/8Emi9WrGe3VTwRnd7


  • We offer a Breakfast club (BC) from 7:50am and serve breakfast until 8:30am should your child/children need it.


  • Our After school club (ASC) runs until 6:00pm where the children will be offered a snack (Friday is special as we also offer a choice of spaghetti/beans on toast or tomato soup with a film).


  • We cater for dietary requirements so there isn’t a need for you to provide this, just let us know which requirements your child has within our registration form.


  • During ASC, we have planned activities and aim to read with as many children as possible each afternoon.


  • Both our clubs run in sessions. BC is one session a day (£4.50) whereas ASC has three sessions per day which are: until 4:30pm (£4.50), until 5:15pm (£9) and until 6:00pm (£13.50). Each session can be paid via Parentpay, or childcare vouchers, (OFSTED number is 137732) prior to your child/children attending.


  • We try to tailor activities and toys to different ages therefore we run our clubs in two settings. Nursery and Reception children are in the Nursery building for both BC and ASC and all other years are in the hall. If your child will be in the main school building for either Breakfast or After School Club, please ring the doorbell on the left. This will directly notify us and not the office.


Any queries, alterations or bookings for this term, please feel free to email  hannah.groves@littletownacademy.org


Kind regards,

Hannah Groves

(Senior playworker of extended school services)