Laurels Breakfast Club


This provision is available to all pupils (Reception to Year 6).


  • The sessions run from 7.50 am to 8.50 in the main school building (in the hall)
  • The cost of a session is £4.00
  • Breakfast will be offered until 8.30 and is included in the £4.00 charge (breakfast is not available after 8.30)
  • Children will be offered: Fruit juice, milk, fruit, cereal, crumpets or toast (choice of marmite or jam)
  • The club runs in the main school building and is run by a friendly and helpful team of TAs who all work in the school and are known to the children. The ratio is 1 adult to every 8 children
  • Payments for booked sessions is required in advance and is payable via Parent-pay. Bookings can be made by completing a booking form and returning it to the office.
  • If a booked place is cancelled after 8.00 am on the day of the booked session, you will still be charged. This is due to the high demand for places and the need to book extra staff in advance. Payments for any sessions that are cancelled with the agreed notice will be carried forward.
  • Absences can be reported by calling the school office on 01404 548749 or 07549 988369 or 07724649847 (please feel free to send text messages to this number).
  • Absences due to illness must also be reported in order for payment to be carried forward.
  • Childcare vouchers may be used in payment (our OFSTED number is 137732)
  • Regular users will have priority for places in the club. Occasional users must register with us in advance. A call must be made to the school office by 3pm on the previous day for parents of registered pupils to book an occasional session in advance and to check availability
  • A registration form must be completed giving us details of medical information (e.g. food allergies) and contact numbers
  • Children must arrive through the main school entrance. Younger children (up to year 2) must be accompanied and handed over to the club leaders. Older children must not arrive any earlier than 7.45 as the doors are not opened until 7.50
  • Any child whose behaviour is unacceptable will lose the right to attend the club
  • If a child misses several sessions, the school reserves the right to insist that subsequent attendance at the club must be paid for in advance
  • Please DO NOT use the school car park to drop off children
Please complete the registration form below and return it to the school office.