Pupil Voice

The Class Learning Forum has replaced the School Council at Littletown Primary Academy.

Description of approach
Class Learning Forums are a strategy to build ‘pupil voice’ and improve learning on an ongoing basis. They provide an opportunity for the children to review the learning process in their class across a whole week in one or more subjects and then make plans to improve the learning during the following week.

Who is involved and how?

Weekly Learning Forum Assembly

Every Wednesday morning during assembly time each teacher holds a Learning Forum Assembly in their own room with their class. During Autumn Term 1 teachers and children have established their expectations and the format for these discussions. They have elected, or chosen, one child to represent the class as their ‘pupil voice’ at the school pupil voice meetings which have replaced school council meetings. In the older classes children record the discussion themselves in their class ‘Learning Log Folder’ and teachers scribe for the younger years.

Fortnightly Pupil Voice Meetings

Mrs Katene holds a Pupil Voice Meeting once a fortnight where the ‘pupil voice’ representatives from each class meet to share outcomes from their individual class assemblies. They bring their Learning Logs and take turns to explain the class commitment or challenge that they are working on as a class.

Benefits to children’s overall behaviour and attitudes to learning

Children are learning to articulate and discuss issues and suggest ideas that will improve their learning; individually and as a class.

The Learning Log provides teachers and children a written reference to refer back to; reminding each other of the commitment/challenge chosen if they feel it’s not being followed.

This is a new strategy which is evolving throughout the year as children and staff become more familiar with it and adjust it to suit the individual needs of their classes.