School arrangements for September 2021

Operational considerations

Children need to mix: Operating in ‘class bubbles’ and limiting who children can interact with has been a difficult restriction for children. We want the children to be able to mix with more children and rediscover a ‘whole schoolness’ as part of children’s experience. 

Behaviour management and helping children succeed: One thing many schools have discovered is that there have been less accidents and less incidents of lunchtime fall outs under systems where you don’t have large numbers of children all playing  across a very large space. We always want to give our children the best chance to succeed so we will be using our various playground spaces to give year groups more space with less children. 

Basing academic catch up on accredited research: Sir Kevan Collins who was briefly hired as curriculum catch up Tsar by the Government heavily referenced the Education Endowment Fund Teaching Toolkit research which you can see here: It represents strategies and approaches which can be used by schools to secure increased pupil progress eg Tutoring etc. The School Development Plan and school budget have been aligned against the identified strategies I believe will be most impactful for Littletown children. I have summarised the approaches we will be using next year in a table you can find further down this newsletter. 

Maximising learning time: With academic progress an absolute priority, making morning routines and transitions as pacey and economic as possible is crucial. This also impacts on ‘lost learning time’ such as PE changing etc.  

Whole school community: Children’s engagement and progress is increased when the school operates as a whole school with a range of systems and approaches including regularly welcoming parents in to school to celebrate and be a part of learning. 

Start of day arrangements

  • Gates will be opened at 8:40am 

  • Senior Leadership Team presence on playground welcoming and accessible to parents from 8:45am

  • Children will be parent’s responsibility until 8:50am

  • No staggered start

  • No one way system in place

  • Nursery staff will take children from parents on the playground at 8:50am 

  • Y3,4,5,6 children can make their way to wait outside entrance doors for classrooms (as they do now)

  • Bell rung/whistle blown at 8:50 for lining up for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 in six lines on playground with teachers 

  • Parents exit either gate

  • Gates closed at 9am 

End of day arrangements

  • Nursery children will be brought out to parents by staff at 3pm 

  • Reception finish at 3:10pm down ramp and pass to parents on playground

  • Everyone else finishes at 3:15 Year 1 down ramp pass to parents, Year 2 out of white door pass to parents, Years 3,4,5,6 teachers dismiss class out of back door, but walk those going down to the bottom playground round to the playground

  • No staggered end

  • No one way system in place 

  • SLT presence on the playground until 3:20pm but no longer supervising children out of gates (all parents will need to be on the playground unless their child is walking home on their own). 

Playtime and Lunchtimes

Playtimes and lunchtimes will be in year groups to ensure enough space for effective and safe play.

Wearing P.E kits

Years 1-6 to continue wearing P.E kits on class P.E days. Teachers will inform you of the specific days at the beginning of the new term. This is after reviewing the trial of this over this half term.    

School Development Plans

We have made a comprehensive development plan for the school next year which focuses on the three R’s of Reset, Recover and Rebuild. Here is a link to the full detail of the plan in a powerpoint on our website: There are further links embedded in this powerpoint direct to specific resources referenced. 

I am more than happy to discuss any of this with parents or answer any questions if you have any. Please get in touch if you do