Severe Weather Procedure


Now that the colder weather has begun, I would like to remind all parents and carers of the ‘severe weather’ procedures:


If it snows heavily during the night and the roads into Honiton are affected, it is likely that the school will need to be closed as we only have one full time and three part time teachers that live in the town.

Chris Firth, our premises manager, will be in school to answer the phone from 7.30am. He will also put a sign up outside the school to inform parents of the closure and alert any breakfast club children as they are dropped off. We shall also put a notification on the website and send a text message via parent pay.

Honiton- based teachers and teaching assistants who are due to work on the day in question will make their way into school to deal with any pupils that still arrive.

Please listen to Radio Devon:
103.4 FM, 94.8 FM, 95.7 FM, 96.0 FM, 104.3FM, 801 MW, 990 MW, 855 MW, 1458 MW, DAB (East Devon) for news of closure and re-opening.

  • If the school has to be closed, this will be for the whole day, whatever the change in conditions.
  • If conditions improve and the roads clear, you can assume that school will be open as normal the following day.


If it begins to snow heavily during the day so that snow is covering the roads, teachers will need to drive home early and we will need you to arrange to collect your children. We will contact as many parents as possible, but be assured that local members of staff will remain in school until all children have gone home.

Please make sure that we have your up to date contact details.