Our Aims

Our Aims

At Littletown Primary Academy, we value and nurture...

-the individuality of children, staff and governors, their unique skills and qualities and their contribution to the life of our school.

-the diversity of abilities, beliefs and cultures

-encourage an active partnership with parents, carers, local and wider communities.

-self-evaluation and collaboration, leading to the improvement, development and achievement of our individuals, groups and school.

- encourage through high expectations, the development of personal aspirations and life-long learning for all.

-the safety and emotional and physical well-being of the Littletown community.

We provide an education promoting the academic, physical, spiritual and social development of each child. 

This school believes that every pupil has an entitlement to develop their talents. Educational experiences are provided which develop pupils’ achievements and recognise their individuality. Diversity is valued as a rich resource, which supports the learning of all. In this school, inclusion recognises a child’s right to a broad, balanced, relevant and challenging curriculum, which is appropriate to their individual abilities, talents, and personal qualities.

Definition of inclusion
Inclusion is an on-going process that celebrates diversity and involves the identification and minimising of barriers to learning and participation that might be experienced by any pupils, irrespective of age, ability, gender, ethnicity, language and social background, and the maximising of resources to reduce these barriers.  At Littletown Academy, we recognise the diverse needs of all children.

The objectives of our school’s SEND policy state that as a school we will:- 

  • identify those children who have SEND as soon as possible
  • provide intervention at a suitable level when a child is identified as having SEND.
  • use a variety of teaching styles, and cater for different learning styles to allow children with SEND to access the National Curriculum and receive quality first teaching from their class teacher.
  • use resources effectively to support children with SEND.
  • assess and keep records of the progress of children with SEND.
  • promote effective partnerships and involve outside agencies when appropriate
  • inform and involve the parents of children with SEND so that we can work together to support our children.
  • encourage active involvement by the children themselves in meeting their needs. 
  • provide ongoing training for all staff working with children with SEND. 
  • ensure that children with SEND join in with all the activities of the Academy.
  • work in collaboration with parents of children with SEND, ensuring close relationships are maintained
  • support children’s social and emotional development through a Life Skills programme
  • Listen carefully and value ‘Pupil Voice’ 


Everyone at Littletown Academy is committed to providing the support and opportunities that enable any child with SEND to be included fully in all aspects of school life.  Not all pupils with disabilities have Special Educational Needs and not all pupils with SEN meet the definition of disability but we offer an enriching education and school life experience to all pupils that may have SEND.