Year 2

There is plenty of learning planned for your child to access whilst we are closed and they are busy learning at home with you. Look here for learning activities and suggestions.

If you have any questions about the remote learning, please use these new class email addresses to communicate with your class teacher, these email accounts will be checked once a day and teachers will reply (if they are well) following the order they were received.   If you have any other concerns please direct them to the school email address which will also be checked regularly.

School Email:

Class Email:


Year 2 Home Learning Activities


Please find attached a pack of activities for your child to continue with their learning at home for 2 weeks if the school is closed.  As Mr. Perkins mentioned in his email, if the school is closed for longer than 2 weeks, we will be contacting you by email with further suggestions of work that can be done at home.


Your child can continue to practise their reading at home using home or library books. You can also check the Accelerated Reader site online to see if there is a quiz for books that they have at home and then complete those quizzes.

There are lots of opportunities for reading online. As a parent you can register on the Oxford Owl website and access e-books appropriate for your child’s reading level.

We have enclosed a  comprehension paper. Encourage your child to take their time to read through the text, take time to talk about the meaning of challenging words. Then read the questions carefully and refer back to the text to find the answers. Encourage them to answer the open ended questions in clear sentences.  has been made free for parents and has lots of great games for children to play.  Explore all the different Phases of phonics with your child.

We have enclosed some worksheets for your child to practise writing simple sentences. Encourage them to do their best handwriting, use a capital letter at the start of a sentence and use a full stop at the end.

Your child could also write a diary of their daily activities or write their own stories. Encourage them to check that they have added full stops at the end of the sentences and that they use capital letters correctly for the start of sentences and for names and places.

Continue to use Spellodrome to learn spellings for that week and use your spelling book to write interesting sentences using the spellings.

We have enclosed 2 past SATs maths papers for your child to work through at home. Encourage them to show their working out of problems in the spaces provided with each question.

Use websites such as Top Marks,   to play addition, subtraction, divisions and multiplication games.

Continue to practise times tables on Times Tables Rock Stars

This half Term or Cornerstones topic has been Bounce. Choose 2 or more activities form the Cornerstones home learning ideas (see attached sheet).