The children in Nursery are so excited about Easter, and this week wanted to learn how to draw the Easter bunny.  They listened carefully to step by step instructions to draw their own bunnies.  The children are very proud of themselves!
The children in Nursery have been working hard to develop their independence.  We have been learning to listen to our bodies and recognise when we are hungry and thirsty.  When we are, we come to the snack cafe where we select and pour our own drinks and choose which fruit we would like to eat.
The Nursery children have thoroughly enjoyed celebrating Pancake day today.  After reading the story of 'Mr Wolf's Pancakes, we sequenced what we needed to do to make our pancakes, and then worked as a team to make our batter.  Once our pancakes were cooked, we all enjoyed eating them, choosing from a variety of toppings.
The Nursery children enjoyed celebrating Pancake Day, making batter together and enjoying pancakes with lots of different toppings - chocolate was our favourite!