Year 4

Beautiful geometric motifs designed and drawn by some of the Year 4s today.
Yesterday two Year 4 Youth Speak teams took part in the Honiton Learning Community Youth Speak competition at Awliscombe. The children did brilliantly speaking with passion and expertise on Deforestation and How Art is essential for our mindset.
On Wednesday morning, selected Year 3 and 4 children went to Honiton Community College for a science workshop on pendulums! They found that the longer the length of the pendulum, the longer it took to complete one full swing. 
Some of the amazing work Y4 have been doing for their history topic, Invasion!
Year 4 have been getting in the festive mood!
Year 4 have been creating natural art with autumn leaves - here is one of the creations for Children in Need!
Today we started creating our final pieces of our art project. We went outside and each chose a leaf and then practised drawing and colour matching before starting our final pieces.
Year 4 science work on our topic of teeth.
Year 4 created some beautiful diva lamp art in RE today after learning about Diwali - the Hindu festival of lights. They drew the diva lamps, coloured them using colouring pencils then used chalks to blend the 'light glow' around the lamps. We think they turned out brilliantly!
Year 4 had fun this week in Outdoor Classroom making natural potions! First we collected natural magical ingredients, then infused the water with it using sieves, and finally mixing it all together! We then named our potions and came up with a magical power that you get from the potion! We then had lots of fun designing the labels.
High five from Year 4...our experiment this week on solids, liquids and gases!
Year 4 had fun today experimenting with Coke and Mentoes for our new topic - Potions! 
We had a fabulous Roman Day. Learning all about life as Romans in Britain, what they wore, ate, played with and used as weapons in the army. We finished the day recreating a Roman battle, practising marching and creating a tortoise shell to protect us from the enemy. Year 3 even got involved throwing plastic balls to see if they could break down our armour! Well done to all children involved.
Year 4 have been designing and making Roman inspired clay pots and Roman coins today, they look forward to painting them tomorrow!
Year 4 have been using natural materials to create art in their Outdoor classroom this week.
Over the past two days, Year 4 have been recreating the digestive system to simulate the process from chewing to pooping. It was very messy but the children had lots of fun! Please also see an example of our mouth models, using marshmallows for teeth!