Year 1

Year 1 had a great day experiencing life as a Victorian school child. We started the day with handwriting, but we could only use our right hand to write! We also investigated Victorian artefacts and experienced Victorian PE, known as drill. In the afternoon, girls and boys were separated with boys learning technical drawing and girls learning needlecraft. We would like to say a big thank you to all the parents/carers for supporting the day, the children looked amazing! 
Year 1 would like to say a big thank you to our parents for providing the fruit and vegetables we needed to make our fruit and veg skewers in DT. We really enjoyed designing, making (eating!) and evaluating our skewers last week. 
This week Year 1 have been learning about capacity. We have been using the words, ‘empty, half empty, nearly full, nearly empty and full’ to compare different capacities.
Science - We set up a class investigation using UV beads to observe how we can protect ourselves from the sun's rays. In different petri dishes we had UV beads covered with sunglasses, sun cream, a sun hat, a t-shirt and water and we predicted if they would change colour. We took photographs of each sample as evidence and at the end of the session, we asked 'How could we stop the Sun's rays from harming our skin or eyes?'
Year 1 have been learning about axles and chassis in Design Technology and have each created their own Taxi. After making their vehicles, the children tested them to see how they move. 
We went on a geographical enquiry to find out what human and physical features were in our local area. On our walk, we found a house, a road, a bridge, a field, a hill and a river.  When we got to Roundball Nature Reserve, we talked about what a hedgerow was, how important it is as a habitat and how we can protect it. 

In Art this week we have been learning about a new technique: collage. We had a go at creating a digital collage as a class on the computer. Then we created our individual composition using glue as a joining medium. 

Year 1 have been designing, making and evaluating their play dens in DT. They thought about how they would create and strengthen the frame and secure other materials and fabric. They then played in their dens to test them!
Year 1 dressed up and pretended to be Victorian school children for the day. They had lots of fun learning Victorian class rules, reciting Victorian poems, practising drill exercises and learning all about Queen Victoria. 
In geography, Year 1 have been learning about maps and understanding that a map is like a picture. Year 1 children learnt about the use of symbols and a key in maps. We then used a basic key and created a funny face accurately using the information on the map.  

‘Space Odyssey’ visited Year 1 on Thursday 7th April as an Express Event to support the learning that they have been doing on the Cornerstones topic, Moon Zoom. The session was led by Simon Ould, an experienced science teacher and Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society. Inside the dome, there was specialised visual and audio equipment which projected onto the inside of the planetarium, giving an immersive, 360-degree experience. 

After the children experienced the space dome, Year 1 really put Simon through his paces and asked lots of questions. 

These included:

Why does Jupiter have a red spot? 

Why do planets have rings around them?

How many people have gone to space?

How are the planets made?

and..... How do you poo in space and where does it go?

We had an amazing time!

In Science, we have been observing and talking about changes in the weather. We have been learning about the different seasons and observing signs of Autumn. 

Linked to our Science lesson, in Art, we collected Autumn leaves and made some transient art. We also did some printing with the leaves we collected.  They turned out beautifully!